Quiltbuch- Scrappiness is Happiness

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Anleitungsbuch: "Scrappiness is Happiness" von Lori Holt.

Super geniales Buch in englischer Sprache 

Anleitungen für 32 Quilts, genäht mir Stoffen aus der Restekiste


Look no further than your very own fabric stash to find happiness! Lori Holt’s new book, Scrappiness is Happiness, reminds us that we can create beautiful quilts from our own scrap baskets. In this book, she shares 32 scrappy quilts that show how beautifully your stash can blend together. These quilts represent Lori’s motto of “make do” without compromising any of her charm. Each quilt is based on a block, and includes tips from Lori! Also included is her method for collecting and organizing scraps to save time while making the best blocks ever. You will find the confidence to mix and match fabrics while staying neat and organized! We wish you happiness and scrappiness as you explore this new adventure in quiltiness!




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